Rethink Bullying

Professional Development  Training


Professional Development Training for Educators

In the Summer 2024 release of his new book and lecture series entitled Rethink Bullying: The Real Science of Childhood Aggression, Brooks Gibbs tells the story of his 25-year journey studying and speaking on the topic of aggression in schools.

He explains how the current mental health crisis is a direct result of the pseudo-psychology promoted by the anti-bullying movement that singlehandedly created an emotional welfare state on every K-12 school throughout North America. 

He teaches the real science behind aggression with simple techniques educators can use to resolve conflicts quickly.

You will learn:

  • Why the anti-bullying movement rose and fell
  • The unintended negative consequences of it's 20-year run
  • How it¬†violated basic psychology and moral philosophy
  • The real science of aggression
  • Why resilience education is the best strategy to¬†stop¬†aggression
  • Quick¬†intervention techniques to resolve conflicts
  • and much much more...


Brooks Gibbs, PhD
Chris Schuefelle

3 Ways To Experience The Training


1: Watch online as an individual

In this (Leve 1 & 2) 6-hour online training, you will do a deep dive with Brooks and his team on the core principles in his new book Rethink Bullying. This is a highly interactive small group event where Brooks responds to any questions, objections, and concerns. This event is perfect for individuals who want to glean from Brooks' experience as America's top resilience educator.

Choose the date that is most convenient for you to attend.

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2: Watch online as a staff

If you choose to watch online as a staff, we will present a custom presentation that works around your schedule.  Most schools will want to gather their teachers in the media/library room and project our video feed on the large screen. This experience is highly interactive so all of the educators have a chance to ask questions throughout the training. Contact us for pricing and availability. See FAQ below.

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3: Watch in person as a staff

Bring Brooks or Chris to your school for an in-person event. This is perfect for teacher in-service training before school starts. The sessions can be adapted to the time available between two hours all the way up to six hours of training. Contact us for pricing and availability. See FAQ below.

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"Bullying" is not going to go away. In the best interest of the child, children need tools on how to deal with conflicts. Brooks' message of resilience is one of the best messages I have ever heard!


Christian Moore, LCSW